Saturday, 28 April 2012

Hello world!

Hi, my name is Maria, I live in London and I'm obsessed with food and baking. I had two blogs before, but never enough motivation to keep them up, so I guess it's third time lucky! 
Starting anything from scratch is always a bit daunting but here goes. I pretty much think about food non stop - always planning what to eat/cook next. Why Food, unplugged? Just as MTV Unplugged was about music in its purest form, stripped down and simple so is my approach to food and cooking. No faff, no gimmicks, just good quality, healthy, unprocessed ingredients. Good, honest grub as Jamie Oliver would say. I'll be posting recipes for food I cook every day (and with a full time job they have to be easy to make and quick!) and food I indulge in every now and then :) Let's get started, shall we?

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