Sunday, 6 May 2012

Instagrub (and other pics)

Instagram is taking the (blogging) world by a storm. I'm not gonna fight it. The majority of pictures I take are of food (duh) so every Sunday I'll be sharing them here. I present to you: Instagrub (see what I did there? hehe).
Every now and then I'll throw some other pictures in the mix (much as I love food there are so many other things to photograph!) If you fancy following me my username is marushka82

Melon for breakfast
Yours truly
Grand Union in Camden
Watermelon cocktail -delicious!
Best yoghurt in the world
Puffed wheat, banana +PB, melon
Brazilian creme caramel
Birdies on a placemat
Sunday lunch
Greek yoghurt+lemon curd | Greek yoghurt+honey

I hope you had a good weekend!


  1. Coctail wygląda pysznie! I podobają mi się niezmiennie podkładki z Ikei w ptaszki:)

  2. Thanks for your comments everyone! I have to say, when it comes to nice simple design it's IKEA all the way!


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