Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Wednesday wishes

I recently discovered Pinterest and I need help. I'm addicted. A bit. A lot. Anything pretty, tasty looking, inspiring, you name it, I pin it. Well, ok, I'm not that bad.
I thought I'd use these posts to share recipes that make it onto the 'I'm-salivating-must-make-this-asap' list as well as anything I'd like to get my paws on (and you bet a Kitchen Aid mixer is going to make that list!) or find inspiring.
So here we go!

 Recipes to try:

This amazing zucchini salad from Proud Italian cook
This bakewell tart from

And these (they had me at 'honey cloud') from Thingswemake

Want! (no surprises here!)

So that's my list for the week - what's on yours?

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